Here Comes the Sun

We get our first feel of Icelandic summer and finally see the sun on day four of our trip. The temperature change is dramatic and when the wind subsides it’s actually quite pleasant. Free from jackets and rain we depart Selfoss in search of more southland adventure.


Continuing east on Ring Road from Selfoss to Vik we spot a massive waterfall from the highway. Standing approximately 211 feet tall with no obstructions in view Seljalandsfoss is impossible to miss and since we are here we might as well explore.

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Selfoss… Day 2

Morning brings more rain.  Suitcases whirl hastily across puddled pavement assisted by glove clad hands.  Paul shrugs his shoulders and nods apologetically as the German woman in the adjoining parking space surveys our Land Cruiser spilling across the white lines on either side.  Wedging herself between the two vehicles she lifts the door handle.  With two fingers buffering the friction between the armored shells she extends the door and sucks in her tummy inching herself inside.  Her free hand pulls the door closer as her exposed fingers recoil from the outer handle.  Having fully established ourselves as true American tourists we hit Costco for the second time of the trip to fill up our hulking vehicle before heading to Selfoss.img_7854

A few minutes later dad returns to the car with a paper receipt.  How much was that?  Do I dare ask?  Paul does some quick math converting kroner to dollars and liters to gallons.  That would be $6.50 a gallon.  Gee, what a bargain! Continue reading

The Golden Circle

IMG_5301Papers and phones pass back and forth over breakfast as we sketch out our itinerary for the day.  I’m glad to see dad’s done some research.  First observations; parking a Land Cruiser is challenging (everything is smaller here except the Costco) and, we have no map.  Nevertheless, the journey begins.  With cell phones in hand we depart Reykjavik for a self-guided tour of the Golden Circle.  

Encompassing four of the most commonly visited sights in South Iceland, the Golden Circle is a 190-mile route looping from Reykjavik to the southern uplands of Iceland and back.  This popular trek is said to be one of the best ways to experience Iceland’s unique topography.  IMG_5304Stops include the Atlantic ridge of Þingvellir, the bubbling geothermal activity at Geysir, the roaring waterfall at Gullfoss and the natural hot springs of the Secret Lagoon.  We see them all! Continue reading

Icelandic Arrival

RainbowI hate change. Yet somehow, I find myself traversing the wild Icelandic terrain having quit my job and bought a house, both in the past 10 days. It’s funny how life thwarts thoughtful intentions in such serendipitous ways.

So, what’s the plan from here? Short term . . . I have no idea! We’ve booked a few hotels and picked up the rental car. Paul assures me he has everything under control, but I’m not so certain. This is definitely going to be interesting. Oh well, velkominn til Island (welcome to Iceland)! Continue reading