Second Day in Hong Kong

IMG_2803_result Twenty-seven hours after our initial visit, we returned to Simpson Sin for a fitting.  The tailor took additional measurements and went over everything from cuff length and collar size to back pleats and hem lines.  It was a really fun experience. 

IMG_2815_resultSadly the shop is closed on Sunday, so we won’t see the final product for a few more weeks; bad news for Paul (he was planning to wear his on the cruise), but good news for me (my suitcase was already at the weight limit before we left the states).

IMG_2824_result The metro system here is cheap, clean and accessible all over the island. Friendly locals and ample English signage made it easy for us to navigate. Also, since Paul and I are a good 8-10 inches taller than everyone here we never had to worry about losing each other in transit. Outside the metro we stopped to help other tourists with pictures.

Shopping is big in Hong Kong and apparently so is Christmas (or at least that’s what the retailers IMG_2843_resultwould like you to believe with windows full of sparkly trees and staff sporting a wide variety of Santa hats). In the Diamond Hill district we were overwhelmed by the number of high end stores overflowing with busy patrons all rushing about in search of last minute Christmas gifts or standing in long lines entranced in their I-phones. Hong Kong is consumerism at its best.

IMG_2841_result Aside from shopping, the Diamond Hill District is also a hot spot foodies in search of hand pulled noodles in rich steaming broths and succulent bursts of Chinese goodness IMG_2836_result (better known as dim sum). The Hong Kong experience certainly would not have been complete without a trip to the infamous Tim Ho Wan for Dim Sum. The restaurant is a bit hard to find, does not take reservations and has a ridiculous line at anytime of the day, but because it boasts the title of least expensive restaurant in the world with a Michelin Star Paul and I “qued up” to wait. To our surprise the line actually went faster than expected. IMG_2834_result English speaking guests were provided a blue ticket which also served as a menu (Chinese guests were given the same in yellow). As soon as one party finished the soft spoken hostess would call the next number in line in the language which corresponded to the ticket (blue -> English, yellow -> Chinese) and wedge the new group into the open spot. This was my first experience sharing a table with strangers who did not speaking English and were halfway through their IMG_2831_result meal when we arrived, but when in Rome right? Since we were expected to complete our ticket prior to being seated the waitress greeted us and took our order in one step which also helped speed up the process. Chopsticks in hand, Paul slurped down every bit with adroit dexterity relishing every bite while I poked and prodded every piece with my flat bottomed spoon. Not my favorite, but memorable nonetheless.

IMG_2963_resultWe planned to visit Victoria Peak for a night time view of the city, however after seeing the line we opted for a walk though the city instead. It has been a long day and we are anxious to check out the ship and confirm our luggage made it on the boat.

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