First Day in Asia!

Our first day in Asia was quite an adventure. After a leisurely breakfast in the concierges lounge at Courtyard (it’s good to be gold) we headed to Kowloon to be fitted for suits. Prior to arriving in Hong Kong, Paul made us an appointment with Simpson Sin Tailor (featured on Anthony Bourdain). The suits require several fittings so we wanted to start the process as soon as possible.
Next stop, Lantau Island to see Tian Tan Buddha (also known as the Big Buddha) and the Po Lin Monastery where we enjoyed our first authentic Hong Kong meal served by the nuns of the monastery. After lunch we took a 268 step trek up to Big Buddha for a closer look at this remarkable statue. It was definitely worth the trip.
Then it was back to the concierges lounge for a cocktail before heading out for an adventurous dinner. We ended up at a restaurant a few blocks from the hotel which had roasted ducks hanging in the window. I was a bit hesitant but Paul befriended the waitress (who spoke no English) and pointed to a few items in the window. The food was pretty good and the experience was certainly memorable (there is absolutely no guessing at words when everything is written in Chinese characters). The view from our hotel is pretty spectacular; photos just don’t do it justice (I am really missing my Photoshop right now).

4 thoughts on “First Day in Asia!

  1. Wow! What an incredible view and how exciting. I am so envious of the wondeful time you are having. Take lots of photos and keep a journal. Have fun and take care.

  2. Katherine and Paul,
    Merry Christmas! We are enjoying your
    blog and know that you must be having an incredible trip. Look forward to your blog. Lots of love, Jean and Bill

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